Directly from the comfort of your home to the consumer: welcome to the wonderful world of advertising!
Conceive, design and film the winning script, resulting in the perfect ad for your company.



During this highly creative exercise, participants will go into the fascinating universe that is advertising.

The challenge is to create the winning video for a specific campaign. The whole process will be virtual, and the main ingredients are passion and imagination. The goal is to produce the very best piece, and win the competition!

The participants will be divided into teams, and each team will conceive and implement an ad campaign from scratch: concept, storyboard, script, filming and producing.

After the tasks are handed out, each participant will have a role to play: actors, producers, sound technicians, extras, writers, among others.

Even though this is a virtual experience, the activity will be monitored by a Boost Host, who will be there remotely, to help guide each team in the creation of their captivating videos.



  • Duration: 01h30 – 02h30
  • Nr of Participants: from 10 to 300



It is possible to cater this experience to pre-existing campaigns. It is also possible to approach specific themes/concepts, or even to conceptualize a brand activation experience.

*On request



Add an “Academy Awards Ceremony” to this experience, with an Oscars-like showing of the finalized projects, followed by the announcement of the winners and the proclamation of the prizes per category!
The coveted prizes will be Boost Portugal’s experience vouchers, which the winners will be able to enjoy with their loved ones.

*On Request



  • Video-conferencing platform;
  • Boost Host to provide technical support and to personally guide each team in the creation of the videos;
  • Guidebook “How to Make an Advertisement Clip” one per team;
  • Video editing;




You can enrich your experience by adding a physical feature to the digital activity. This fantastic add-on consists of a mystery box that is home delivered to every participant!

The box will contain mystery items, as well as props that will help to make your video into a true spectacle.


Give a little boost to creativity and morale by enhancing the role-playing aspect of the game!
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