The ultimate tribute to the brilliant inventor: Rube Goldberg!
This complex contraption requires heavy doses of coordination and a dash of madness.



Throughout the years, many people doubted the success of Rube Goldberg’s eccentric ideas. Now is the time to prove that everything is possible, just as long as you work together and never forget the main rules for a winning formula: W (Work), F (Force), D (Distance).

Each participant will function as a cog in the virtual machine, which must be activated in a specific period of time. The main goal is to activate the whole contraption in order for the system to work perfectly uninterrupted, from start, to finish. In this particular activity, individual success will lead to the whole group’s success, by making the machine work with all its parts. It’s really a metaphor for the corporate world!

The experience will be managed by a dedicated Boost Host, who will be in charge of the group’s activities, supporting the teams with their know-how by giving out helpful tips.



  • Duration: 01h30 – 02h00
  • Nr of Participants: from 10 to 50



  • Video-conferencing platform;
  • Dedicated Boost Host to coordinate the activity;
  • Virtual Briefing;
  • Recording and video-montage of the experience.




You can enrich your experience by adding a physical feature to the digital activity. This fantastic add-on consists of a mystery box that is home delivered to every participant!

The box will contain complimentary items to the activity, as well as exclusive tips and extra materials.


Give a little boost to creativity and morale by enhancing the role-playing aspect of the game!
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