This virtual experience is a mind-boggling knowledge marathon, loaded with fun and entertaining moments.
Reconnect with your friends and colleagues and find out once and for all who the real geniuses are.



Step into an alternate reality where everything changes in a flash. All of a sudden you find yourself under the spotlight of a live trivia TV show, like “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, but better!

Either from the comfort of home or from the office, the team will be connected by a virtual game room in which each participant will be able to compete individually or as a group. This activity will immediately boost the group’s morale as well as their cohesion as a team.

It’s a great way for team members to get to know each other better while having loads of fun. The experience is also a game changer for managers, who will be able to spot strengths and weaknesses during the quiz.

It is possible to customize the Quiz with questions centered around the company, the teams and team members themselves or even a specific line of work. If you would prefer, we can keep it simple with general knowledge, exuberant questions or…surprises!

The experience will be managed by a dedicated Boost Host, who will take care of the group while ensuring the activity flows smoothly and keeping high spirits throughout.



  • Duration: 01h00 – 01h30
  • Nr of Participants: from 10 to 1000



Additional challenges and parallel activities to the Quiz itself;



  • Room Service – Home delivered meal;



  • Video-conferencing platform;
  • Dedicated Boost Host to manage the virtual experience and to provide technical support;
  • E-vites;
  • Quiz Customization;


Give a little boost to creativity and morale by enhancing the role-playing aspect of the game!
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