An ode to the Discoveries.
Navigating to Victory!



Build your boat and take it to victory! In this activity team members will be naval engineers, pilots and decorators. They will receive a model of remote-controlled boat hull and, with the materials we provide them, should create the faster, more functional and spectacular boat. In the end, an epic race will decide the winners.
Each team will have a set of coloured ribbons that will identify it through a specific colour. In addition to the lanyards you will also receive a model of remote-controlled boat hull on which to construct your vessel, representing the values of the team and, ideally, of the company. It should be chosen a configuration that allows the boat to be impressive but also hydrodynamic and fast as a result. It is not worth having the most realistic or beautiful boat if it cannot even move in the water. After the construction of the boats, the teams will go to the pool where we will have a track circuit set up for 4 teams to run at the same time. After the timed test in which we will determine the fastest boats, we will move on to the final epic moment when 4 remote-controlled boats navigate to victory!
The era of glory of Portuguese history was the period of the Discoveries. Boost offers you the chance to become naval engineers, explorers and captains for a half a day in this epic activity. Join efforts around a common project, see it grow and become real and, in the end, commanding it to victory is a unique opportunity. See your company raise anchor with this unique event.



This program is set to last between 2 hours and 3 and half hours – from the moment the briefing ends. It will begin with a briefing to the whole group where the details of the activity and all the procedures allowed are explained. Here we will divide the group into teams and assign the materials. The teams will have at least 1h30 to construct the boats and, depending on the size of the group, we should reserve between 30 minutes and 1 hour for part of the remote controlled boat race and determination of the winning team. In total, you should reserve 4 hours for the entire program.



The specificities of this program allow it to be carried out in any place in Portugal. Ideally, an indoor space should be available for assembly (or public space with town hall permission) and the race will take place in a pool or body of water that allows it (without waves).


What’s included

• Liability and personal accident insurance
• Coloured ribbons for each participant with the emergency number
• Construction Kit composed of all materials needed to meet all objectives
• Base module with cask of Remote Controlled Boat on which the teams will materialize their ideas.
• Specialized Monitors to assist the teams and control the procedures used, as well as the the necessary security measures
• Racing of remote-controlled boats with boats created by the teams
• Extras available to make the activity even more attractive
• Prize to the winning team


Number of Participants

Minimum of 50 people.

For further information or bookings, fill up the following form with the activity name, number of people and desirable date for the event to take place.

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