A race where no one knows where the end is.
The craziest race in the world!



This program is a re-creation of an Australian television series called “The Amazing Race” in which participants travelled around the world in search of the next clue in a race where no one knows where the end is. From point to point, the teams try to solve the challenges they are posed, surpassing them in a group, going through extravagant and “out of the box” tasks, trying to be the first to cross the finish line.
Each team will have a set of coloured ribbons that will identify it through a specific colour. In addition to the lanyards they will also receive the first envelope of the activity (containing the clue to where they will find the second and so on until the end), 20 euros of budget to spend in any way that allows them to gain advantage over other teams and a “quitters” envelope – containing the final location of the program but automatically disqualifying the team when it is opened. From now on, the program unfolds like a race in which cryptic and often deceptive information has to be solved in order to progress. Only the most astute, united and proactive teams will be able to win this activity.
Boost is often faced with requests for teambuilding events that actually challenge teams, make them be competitive, out of the box and to not make life easier for participants. We have created this program to respond exactly to these ideas and have already challenged several top companies to complete The Amazing Race. Not all teams are able to reach the end but those who arrive feel the glory of being challenged in the most arduous way and having surpassed all expectations. If you want an activity where your employees end up sweating, exhausted but much more united, this program is for you!



This activity is set to last between 2 hours and 3h30m – from the moment the briefing ends. It will begin with a briefing to the whole group where the details of the activity and all the procedures allowed are explained. Here we will divide the group into teams and give them the envelopes. We can create custom routes, shorten or extend the activity, but ideally it will take at least 2 hours of running time for it.



The specificities of this program allow it to be carried out in any city of Portugal. The program is of course outdoor and the route will be created depending on the time available for the activity.


What’s included

• Liability insurance and personal accident insurance
• Production and organization by Boost Tourism
• Unique games spread around the city of Lisbon with the theme “The Amazing Race”
• Competition between teams
• Maps and clues to follow from one area to another
• €20 budget for each team
• Prize for the winning team


Number of Participants

Minimum of 40 people.

For further information or bookings, fill up the following form with the activity name, number of people and desirable date for the event to take place.

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