Four-legged intervention.



A social responsibility program with direct intervention in the lives of animals that need maximum comfort and soothing. In this program we will work together with a kennel that needs to improve the infrastructures. Each team will be responsible for creating an original, functional and comfortable doghouse. The Boost team will provide all logistics and guide the team processes, monitoring the activity and ensuring that the event is carried out.

The activity begins when the whole group reaches the predetermined location. This location could be a kennel, the premises of a hotel or any other space defined by the client company.

Normally these foundations or institutions do not have at their disposal budget to beautify the infrastructures … And this is where you and your team come in!

After the briefing we will distribute the tasks and work clothes for all the participants. In addition, each working group will be accompanied by a Boost monitor, as an aid to more technical procedures, giving ideas and suggestions to favour the quality of the work of the teams. The teams will create the most incredible doghouses and in the end we will bring a kennel dog to provide for a moment to melt hearts. It will be the animal itself to choose the doghouse that he likes best, thus electing the winning team.

Have you ever thought about your daily actions in the workplace and the number of people affected by them each day? Have you ever done something that has changed someone else’s life? When you work, you always work for a purpose, for diluted results in time and for the benefit of a company that probably does not know the shareholders or the board of directors. In this activity you can see immediate results, direct intervention, transform the lives of four legged animals in less than 3 hours.



This activity is set to last between 2 hours and 3h30 – from the moment the briefing ends. It will begin with a briefing to the whole group where we explain the details of the activity and all the procedures advised. Here we will divide the group and we will deliver the materials for the construction of the doghouses. The program ends when all the doghouses are ready and we hold the ceremony of choice of the winning house.



The specificities of this program allow it to be carried out in any city of Portugal. The program is naturally outdoor or indoor, depending on the institution where your company wants to intervene and the space where you want to carry out the activity.


What’s included

• Liability insurance and personal accident insurance
• Organization and production Boost Tourism
• Construction and decoration of dog houses
• Inauguration ceremony


Number of Participants

Minimum of 20 people.


For further information or bookings, fill up the following form with the activity name, number of people and desirable date for the event to take place.


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