Return to Childhood.
An event on wheels.



This program takes you back to childhood. Build a roller cart and face your rivals in this activity that is not only fun and very competitive, but that will lead you to experience adrenaline, nostalgia and a good dose of companionship. Your team must ride on wheels to win!
Each team will have a set of coloured ribbons that will identify it through a specific colour. In addition to the lanyards they will also receive a set of materials with which to build and customize your soapbox car, giving it a personal touch and a corporate one at the same time. They will have materials like cardboard, raft, glue, scissors, paint, markers, etc. to impress and scare their rivals. They can also customize each team’s helmets.
After the assembly time, we will go to the race circuit where we will take 1 to 1 races to determine the best times and determine the two fastest cars. When these are cleared, we will make the final epic that will determine the winner. This program could not be complete without the podium and a bottle of champagne for the winner!
Didn’t we all created our super-fast vehicles as a child? We all know of the perfect ramp in the city where we grew up and where the maddest races were organized and where the king of the town was determined. Dangerous, risky and always imbued with a spirit of madness proper to children. In this activity we go back to those times, but with elbow pads, helmets, first aid boxes and personal accident insurance! Join us in the craziest race in which your company will participate.



This program is set to last between 2 hours and 3 and half hours – from the moment the briefing ends. It will begin with a briefing to the whole group where the details of the activity and all the procedures allowed are explained. Here we will divide the group into teams and assign the materials. The teams will have at least 1h30 to build the carts and, depending on the size of the group, we should reserve between 30 minutes and 1 hour for part of the race and determination of the winning team. In total, you should reserve 4 hours for the entire program.



The specificities of this program allow it to be carried out in any city of Portugal. The program can be done in an indoor format (the building part) but the race must be done in a place that meets the necessary conditions (flat and with slope). You may need to apply for city authorization.


What’s included

• Liability insurance and personal accident insurance
• Production and organization by Boost Tourism
• Distribution of coloured ribbons for teams with emergency contact
• 1 Team Building Kit – all materials needed to realize your ideas
• Specialized staff to monitor activities, all technical equipment and safety measures for the implementation of proposed activities
• Soapbox car race with all creations of teams
• Extras to turn activity into a more dynamic event
• Prize for the winning team


Number of Participants

Minimum of 6 cars – a car for each team.

For further information or bookings, fill up the following form with the activity name, number of people and desirable date for the event to take place.

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