Music, Color and Rhythm.
The transformation of a group into a rhythmic orchestra.



In this program we turn your collaborators into an orchestra! With the use of boomwhackers – coloured plastic tubes that emit a specific note when percussed – your team will create rhythm, dance and melody. The goal is to get that moment of “zoning” where everyone is on the same beat, dancing at the same pace and in totally connected way with all your work team!
The group will have a general briefing, in a warm-up way, in which the notion of rhythm and rhythm will be explained, there are always participants who hear about these concepts for the first time in our activity. After this brief explanation in which the group uses palms and a simple count to measure the measure, participants will receive the boomwhackers. We will create sections of notes (each color of these cylindrical tubes corresponds to a note) and the group will thus have three notes with which to work and create the most surprising melodies. Soon we will have an orchestra created to interpret songs that seem much more complicated than they actually are. The purpose of the activity will be fulfilled when everyone feels the boomwhackers as part of the body, “dancing” the melody!
Music is an aggregating factor in any group. It has been embedded in human consciousness since ancient times and served varied purposes for different cultures, always positive. Whether to ward off evil spirits, celebrate passing rituals, celebrate victories, create a party atmosphere, etc. The sound waves that are felt throughout the “tribe” involve their members in the same “wavelength,” and celebrate the union in a way that no other means can. Our goal with this activity is that, for at least an hour, your entire “tribe” be on the same wavelength and feel that all hearts beat in unison. Beyond this emotional factor, the part of learning quickly and winning an artifact to create music, to people who describe themselves as “arrhythmic” is a moment of triumph. When the group as a whole manages to play a famous song like “We Will Rock You” or one of the Rolling Stones hits, belonging to the collective imagination, pride and surprise are evident.



This activity is set to last between 1 and 2 hours from the start of the briefing. In total, participants will use the boomwhackers for 1 hour, the rest being spent in briefing, training and final debriefing. In total, it is a good idea to book 2 and a half hours for the entire program.



The specificities of this program allow the same to be carried out indoor or outdoor. If they choose an outside location, it is important to consider a local authorization for the placement of the tables (one per team) and eventual screen with the projection of the remaining time of the activity.


What’s included

• 2 staff
• 1 host
• 2 boomwhackers per person


Number of Participants

Minimum of 20 people.

For further information or bookings, fill up the following form with the activity name, number of people and desirable date for the event to take place.

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