In search of the next clue.
Technology and fun in your hands.



A technological treasure hunt in which only the fittest will win. The goal is simple: after learning to read QR codes with the tablet they will receive, teams should carefully read the clue that this QR code will give and find out the whereabouts of the next one. Many of them will be hidden, others not much so, but the pleasure of decoding the track and realizing that, as a team, they will be able to do so is what remains for memory! In this peddy paper game, each team should be attentive to the city as in no other visit. Will they reach the end?
Each team will have a set of coloured ribbons that will identify them through a specific colour. In addition to the tapes you will also receive a tablet that will guide the activity. Through an application created by our company, exclusively dedicated to tourism and allowing you to know where you are, where you are going and still present content created by us (questions, tourist information, photographic evidence), participants will be on their own informed about the program and its objectives. Throughout the peddy paper game, in addition to the contents on the tablet, participants will still be challenged to travel in the tram 28, will find a Lottery Ticket Seller that will give them a unique experience and will also have a video test that will delight the group when it is edited and revealed later!
Peddy papers should be unique, dynamic and challenging. The Geocode Sightseeing Hunt has it all! As a team, looking for the next QR code, all elements are important. We will hide these little treasures, essential for the completion of the activity, in the most interesting monuments along the route, in the most curious places and all this with just one pretext, to make you look with “eyes that really see” our city.



This activity is set to last between 2 hours and 3 hours and half. It will begin with a briefing to the whole group where the details of the activity and all the procedures are explained. We will separate the group into teams and deliver the tablets as well. Through our application we can create custom routes, shorten or extend the activity, but ideally you will have at least 2 hours of experience. In total, you should reserve 4 hours for the entire program.



The specificities of this program allow it to be carried out in any city of Portugal. The program is of course outdoor and the course will be created depending on the time available for the activity.


What’s included

• Civil Responsibility insurance and personal accident insurance
• Boost Tourism production and organization with different colour ribbons for each team
• Specialized staff to monitor and control activities and all technical equipment and safety measures for the implementation of proposed activities
• Codes, puzzles and coordinates scattered throughout the city, Tram 28 or Elevator trip included
• Lottery ticket seller – final draw with prize included
• Activity – Message to the Company, a video for everyone
• 1 Samsung Galaxy Tablet for each team (1 per team) with an exclusive application that gives you all the tools to visit the city and save your memories


Number of Participants

Minimum of 40 people.

For further information or bookings, fill up the following form with the activity name, number of people and desirable date for the event to take place.

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