Boost Portugal is a company that combines innovative projects of tourist animation, alternative means of transport and technology. Since 2008 we have been building several successful brands, streamlining and promoting Portugal, Spain and the US.

Throughout these years we have launched further activities such as segways, electric bicycles, scooters, buggies, interactive technology for tablets, innovative team building, electric tuk tuks, gastronomic tours, live escape games among many other projects. Boost operates in Lisbon, Porto, Douro and Madrid, and its technology is used in several cities – Barcelona, ​​San Francisco, Miami and San Diego.

We currently hold 12 global tourism brands and reach over 600,000 people worldwide annually. In fact we are proud to have never stopped reinventing ourselves and continually trying to find solutions that elevate the brand Boost and Portugal to the four corners of the world.

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