Min 2 | Max 20 people
from 49€ per person

Segways may look impossible to ride as a bystander but, as soon as our tour guides spend 2 minutes with you, you’ll be gliding effortlessly along Lisbon’s difficult pavement.

Glide effortlessly through the colorful and narrow streets with zero carbon emissions. This is the most exciting way of showing you the thrilling and vibrant history of Lisbon’s most authentic neighbourhood.

Alfama is a place full of memories where you can see and feel the presence of its Moorish past. The heritage is easy to identify in the architecture, the meandering streets and steep flights of steps, arcades, cozy squares and whitewashed houses.

According to our experience, the stop elected as “the favorite” is at the National Pantheon, also known as St. Engratia Church. It’s a majestic baroque monument that took three centuries to build (from 1682 to 1966) and it is the resting place of the most important cultural and political figures in the country. Why is it so popular? Because the Pantheon is surrounded by colorful asymmetric houses that seem to belong to a picturesque movie set. It is perfect the perfect spot to rest, enjoy the sunlight and to take some really nice pictures.

Leaving the Pantheon behind we’ll arrive at the famous Flea Market location (which takes place only at Tuesdays and Saturdays), a big area where you can visit the Santa Clara Market (a building from 1877) and a welcoming garden called Botto Machado that has a beautiful view over the river.

Before the end of this tour we’ll take you to the Lisbon Cathedral – Sé de Lisboa – (Lisbon’s oldest building), it would be a sin if you missed it!

Discover the past through a new look.



  • Comércio Square: This Square was the centerpiece of the reconstruction that took place after the earthquake of 1755 which has reduced Lisbon to rubble. In a privilege location, facing the river, this is the most popular square in Lisbon and one of the largest in Europe.
  • Campo das Cebolas: This square located halfway between the Terreiro do Paço and Santa Apolónia, derives from a vegetables market that took place on this site in the 1400s.
    After 3 years of requalification works (signed by the architect Carrilho da Graça), the city has gained a new garden, a new area full of Restaurants and Bars and also here it can be found the beautiful Casa dos Bicos – José Saramago Foundation.
  • Alfama: Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhood and the most charming one, it’s considered the historic soul of Lisbon and its steep, cobblestoned lanes stand just as they were in medieval times.
  • Lisbon’s Cathedral (Sé de Lisboa): Also known as the Church of Santa Maria Maior, this is one of the oldest monuments in the city, as it was built in the XII century.
    After several excavations in the Gothic cloister it was revealed archaeological remains dating back almost 3,000 years, from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages. A sacred place not to be missed.



  • Helmets
  • Segway



  • Minimum of 1 participant.
  • Bookings up to 20 people maximum (20 Segways).
  • All participants must have between 45Kg and 118Kg (99.20 pounds and 260.14 pounds); and minimum of 1.5meters (4.9 feet).
  • Minimum age 7 years old in order to qualify to participate in this activity. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The use of safety helmet is mandatory.
  • It´s forbidden for pregnant women and intoxicated people, not recommended to mentally or physically incapacitated people or to people with prosthesis.
  • Use the Segway in a responsible way and follow the rules of the road.
  • All customers with reservation must check in 15min prior to the tour start. If the group is more than 15 minutes late, their reservation will be automatically cancelled without any rescheduling (upon availability for the day) or refund.
  • All reservations can be rescheduled/refunded/cancelled free of charge up until 5:00pm (local time) of the day before the activity. After that, all reservations will be charged in full at 100%.


Rua dos Douradores 16, 1100-206 Lisbon

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"When people ask what was the highlight of our two week visit throughout Portugal, this was it a Segway tour of the Alfama. Lisbon by Segway is a safe, professional business that offers different ways of seeing the city. Visited March 2017" David B Los Angeles, California
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